2018 Pawson Rotherham 10k and FunRun

Introducing 'The Corporate Challenge'

CORPORATE TEAMS declared so far:

ANC: Ariya Neuro Care (6 declared first 4 home count)
David Todd Unat ANC
Paul Constable Unat ANC
Stephanie Lake Unat ANC
Lily Hunt Unat ANC
Lauren Vallely Unat ANC
Kieran Shukla Unat ANC

BRS: BBC Radio Sheffield (4 declared first 4 home count)
Oli Constable Unat BRS
Liz Roberts Unat BRS
Amy Nagy Unat BRS
Simon Thake Unat BRS

RNN: RNN Group (4 declared first 4 home count)
Kat Wisniewski Unat RNN
Lisa Green Unat RNN
Charlie Grayson Unat RNN
Alex Steenson North Derbyshire RC RNN

UCR: University Centre Rotherham (6 declared first 4 home count)
Stephen Boot Unat UCR
Sara Pearman Unat UCR
Ash Muscroft Unat UCR
Carly Jones Unat UCR
William Sibley Unat UCR
Claire Godfrey Unat UCR

YWS: Yorkshire Windows (5 declared first 4 home count)
Nathan Gee Unat YWS
Malcolm Walker Unat YWS
Ian Chester Unat YWS
Shaun Mortimer Unat YWS
Alison Wyke Unat YWS

How it works:
For each team race positions are added up of the first 4 runners to arrive.
The lowest total is the winner.
A team of three cannot score unless there are no teams of 4.